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Reliability is in the air. HVAC solutions from Mainline®. At Mainline®, we offer proven technology in each of our high-performing products, along with comprehensive warranties and excellent support. We take pride in putting people and results above all else. Our residential and commercial HVAC products meet a wide range of market needs.
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RACC (3-6 Ton)

RACC (3-6 Ton)

  • Factory charged with R-410A HFC refrigerant
  •  Wired and run tested
  •  Scroll compressors with internal line break overload and high pressure protection
  •  Convertible airflow – vertical down flow or horizontal sideflow
  •  Forkable base rails for easy handling and lifting
  •  Cooling operation up to 125°F ambient
  •  MicroChannel evaporator and condenser coil
  • Smart Service package includes:  Quick-Change Flex-Fit Rack, Quick-Slide Blower Assembly,  & Quick-Clean Drain Pan
  •  Over-flow condensate sensor
  • Diagnostics with Dual 7-Segment LED Display to meet code compliance
  • One-piece top cover and base pan with drawn supply and return opening
  •  Two-piece control door
  • 1/4  turn fasteners on filter access door
  •  Color-coded and labeled wiring
  •  External lockable gauge ports
  •  TXV refrigerant metering system
  • Solid-core liquid line filter drier
  • High pressure and low pressure/loss of charge protection with built-in Smart Logic
  • Insulation encapsulated throughout entire unit
  •  New product footprint with matching connections
  • Improved factory lead times

  • RACCZR - Single-Stage Cooling (3, 4, 5 Ton)
  • RACCZT- Two-Stage Cooling (6 Ton)
  • Diagnostics with Dual 7-Segment LED Display
  • Smart Service package