Mainline Residential Heat Pumps: Mainline Platinum Series
Reliability is in the air. HVAC solutions from Mainline®. At Mainline®, we offer proven technology in each of our high-performing products, along with comprehensive warranties and excellent support. We take pride in putting people and results above all else. Our residential and commercial HVAC products meet a wide range of market needs.
Mainline HVAC, HVAC Mainline
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Mainline Platinum

The Platinum series is an inverter driven, forced air ducted heating and cooling system that is designed for all climates. The system provides ultra-high cooling efficiencies with up to 20 SEER when properly matched with our Platinum air handler. The Ultra Heat technology provides 80% heating capacity at an astonishing -20°F, and stable operation down to -30°F. The modulating outdoor unit responds to demand and adjusts its capacity as needed for the ultimate in comfort & efficiency. Packed with features, these systems are extremely quiet and very compact with a side discharge design outdoor unit where space is at a premium. These systems utilize environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, offer optional electric heat kits, and are compatible with standard 24-volt thermostat to make the Platinum the perfect choice for any new or retrofit applications.